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Be a smart salter this winter

Post Date:11/20/2018 1:23 PM

The chloride in one teaspoon of road salt can permanently pollute five gallons of water. Chloride can also upset aquatic environments, harming birds and even killing some plants.  Here are some simple ways to help limit the amount of salt you use:

  • Keep up on snow as it accumulates by shoveling early and often. The more snow and ice you remove manually, the less salt you will have to use.
  • Don’t use salt when the temperature falls below 15 degrees. Salt stops working below this temperature.  To prevent from slipping when it is this cold, use sand or check the practical melting point on your favorite de-icer. 
  • When it comes to salting, less is more. More salt does not mean more melting!
  • Sweep up the extra salt. Visible salt on dry pavement is no longer working and will be washed away. Extra salt can be reused elsewhere or thrown away.

Thank you for doing your part to protect our local environment!

To learn more about Richfield’s Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy, please visit:

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