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Water meter replacement project

Post Date:04/01/2019 12:11 PM

New water meter 

As our homes age, our water meters age with them. City water meters were last replaced in 2006, so not only have they reached the end of their life cycle, but better technology has become available to help both you and the city better regulate water usage.

This project will take approximately three years to complete, as staggered installation times ensure that all meters won’t need to be replaced at the same time in the future.

This means that more time and precision can be put into each installation.

The new meters will have an electromagnetic reading, which means no moving parts, which are what typically would wear out and cause the need for replacement.

“With the new meters, residents can see their own use which will provide them more data, faster,” explained Utilities Supervisor Fawn Kinsman.

When residents have leaks, they will be able to see that their water usage is rising without having to wait to get their quarterly water bill in the mail, making it easier to find and fix the leak before it gets out of hand.

On the City of Richfield’s end, the new meters allow us to more accurately capture total water usage.

“Installing new meters is a win-win,” said Kinsman. “Good for the city and good for the residents.”

This program also shifts the city towards WaterSmart technology, which will eventually allow residents to log in and track their water usage at any time.

“WaterSmart will be a long-term project, and these new meters are the start,” said Utilities Superintendent Russ Lupkes.

While this is a more than $4 million project, residents will not incur any additional charges when they receive a new meter. However, the new system will flag accounts monthly to indicate issues such as leaks or meter malfunctions.

The new system will also allow residents the opportunity to learn more about their water consumption. City staff will be able to provide residents with up-to-date data, so residents can modify their water use and save money.

Even with the installation of new water meters residents will still receive quarterly water bills.

When your area begins replacement, you will receive a postcard to set up a water meter replacement appointment in the mail.

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