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Crosswalk Safety

Post Date:09/24/2019 3:54 PM

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The Minnesota Crosswalk Law: Key Elements

  • Drivers must stop for crossing pedestrians at marked crosswalks and at all intersections without crosswalks or stop lights.
  • Pedestrians must obey traffic signs and signals at all intersections that have them.
  • Vehicles stopped for pedestrians can proceed once the pedestrian has completely crossed the lane in front of the stopped vehicle.
  • Pedestrians must not enter a crosswalk if a vehicle is approaching and it is impossible for the driver to stop. There is no defined distance that a pedestrian must abide by before entering the crosswalk; use common sense.
  • When a vehicle is stopped at an intersection to allow pedestrians to cross the roadway, drivers of other vehicles approaching from the rear must not pass the stopped vehicle.
  • Failure to obey the law is a misdemeanor. A second violation within one year is a gross misdemeanor.

Crosswalk rules and helpful hints

Pedestrian Crossings

  • Push button to activate flashing lights (if lights are present)
  • Clearly show you intend to cross (step up to curb)
  • Look for gap in oncoming traffic
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street
  • Cross to median (then repeat the steps for crossing the other direction)

Helpful hints for pedestrians

  • Wave your hand to show you intend to cross
  • Wave “thanks” to drivers when they stop
  • Make sure BOTH lanes of traffic have stopped before crossing
  • Remove headphones and stay off cell phone while crossing
  • Cars approaching a roundabout are slowing and will stop more frequently
  • Cars exiting a roundabout are speeding up and may not stop as frequently
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