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Southdale Library Site Redevelopment

The Southdale Library site, located at 70th Street and York Avenue, will see many changes in the years ahead. Hennepin County Service Center moved into Southdale Mall in 2016 and the District Court facility will move to Bloomington in 2018. Southdale Library itself is tentatively scheduled to be reconstructed in 2020. There is plenty of room on the large 8-acre site to accommodate a new library and other complementary uses, such as housing, offices, or retail.

Hennepin County and the Edina HRA are working with HGA Architects to prepare preliminary concept plans for the site based on community input, market demand and best practices in library and mixed-use design. These concepts will be used as a starting point when proposals from real estate developers are solicited and reviewed in 2017.

A workshop to review preliminary concepts will be held on Thursday, February 9, from 7-9pm at Southdale Library, 7001 York Avenue. For more information, please visit http://edinamn.gov/index.php?section=SouthdaleLibrarySite

The site is surrounded by residential and commercial uses.  In addition to a new library building, what other types of development would you like to see?

What are some shortcomings of the current site that could be improved with redevelopment? How could access be improved for pedestrians and bicyclists coming from Richfield?

Southdale Library Site


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