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On November 28, 2018, the City of Richfield started a weekly podcast dedicated to expounding on the city’s many projects and programs, as well as talking to people of interest within the community.

The podcast, which is titled That’s Rich(field), is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Check out the most-recent episodes: 

Episode XXXIV – Brice Eichlersmith

Oak Grove Lutheran Church’s pastor Brice Eichlersmith has lived by the mantra, “show up, shut up and be present in people lives” as he has helped Richfield’s residents deal with difficult situations. He has worked to bring people together at Richfield’s schools, faith communities and in the case of the Richfield Police and Fire Chaplain program in some of the city’s most difficult times. For his contributions to the city, the city council bestowed upon him the Gene and Mary Jacobson Outstanding Citizen Award to him back in June.   

For the thirty-fourth episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast we discuss what called him to become a pastor, the challenges associated with being a police and fire chaplain and what it was like to be named Richfield’s outstanding citizen.

Episode XXXV – RPS Construction Project

Like many Twin Cities suburbs, Richfield’s population exploded in the decade following World War II. The “Urban Hometown” went from a population of less than four thousand to an emerging city of almost 20,000 in less than a decade. This population increase meant more houses, businesses and, of course, schools. The majority of the city’s current schools were built in the 1950s and 1960s. These learning spaces were great for students interested in going to sock hops and listening to Minnesota Vikings games on the radio, but the spaces have proved challenging for students that want to learn in a 21st Century learning environment. To make sure the city’s education spaces are serving its students to the fullest, the Richfield Public School system is undertaking a major renovation project.

For the thirty-fifth episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast we sit down with former Richfield High School assistant principal and current construction project coordinator Teresa Rosen to discuss how the city schools will be transformed through the renovation efforts.  

Episode XXXVI – Penn Fest

If it is the third Sunday in September, it can only mean one thing in Richfield: Penn Fest. Richfield’s fall festival sees 14 blocks of Penn Avenue closed down for an afternoon. This year, Penn Fest will take place on September 15 from 1-5 p.m.

Annually, more than 8,000 people attend the Open Streets event that was started in 2012. The event is free to attend with music, games and other activities. It is a great opportunity for residents to meet their neighbors and spend a beautiful fall day on Richfield’s west side.

For the thirty-sixth episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast we sit down with one of the event’s organizers Gordon Hanson to discuss how the event got its start and how it has grown over the years.

Episode XXXVII – Councilmember Ben Whalen  

In the past two years, the Richfield City Council has undergone quite a transformation, with a new mayor and three new council members. The newest of these council members is Ben Whalen who represents Richfield's east side. Elected in February, he has been on the job for a little more than six months, so has hit the grown running providing important contributions to the city’s long-term goals, recreation services and infrastructure projects.

For the thirty-seventh episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast we sit down with Whalen to discuss everything from what brought him to Richfield to where he sees the city going in the future.

Episode XXXVIII – Roundabouts

Did you know that the State of Minnesota is home to more than 200 roundabouts? As all residents know, four of those roundabouts call Richfield home, with three more being added at the conclusion of the Lyndale Avenue Reconstruction Project.

The Richfield City Council declared September 2019 to be Roundabout Education, Awareness and Safety Month in the city. So, we thought it would be a good time to dive deep into the rationale behind Richfield’s roundabouts.

For the thirty-eighth episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast we sit down transportation engineer Jack Broz to discuss why some of the city’s intersections have incorporated roundabouts to enhance pedestrian safety and more effectively move traffic from Point A to Point B.


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