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On November 28, 2018, the City of Richfield started a weekly podcast dedicated to expounding on the city’s many projects and programs, as well as talking to people of interest within the community.

The podcast, which is titled That’s Rich(field), is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Check out the most-recent episodes: 

Episode XXV - Minnesota House Rep. Michael Howard

This year’s Minnesota legislative session went into overtime to reach a budget agreement. Find out what happened, as well as what it is like to be a first-term state representative as we sit down with our old friend and former at-large city councilmember Michael Howard for the twenty-fifth episode of the That's Rich(field) Podcast. 

Episode XXVI - Richfield Dream Home  

In the past three years, Richfield's housing market has been rated first, first and fourth by the Star Tribune in their annual housing index. People love the quality of the housing stock and the friendly hometown atmosphere the city provides. Sometimes, people are not even thinking about buying a home in Richfield, but as soon as they see what the city has to offer, they stop looking anywhere else. 

In this twenty-sixth episode of the That's Rich(field) Podcast we sit down with Andrea Pendergast to discuss her homebuying journey, which eventually led her to find her dream home in...you guessed it...Richfield, Minnesota.  

Episode XXVII - 40th Annual Red, White and Blue Days Celebration   

The Fourth of July is all about freedom, fun and fireworks. Thankfully, Minnesota residents can get all those things in one place, Richfield, by attending Red, White and Blue Days from July 2-4. The event has a family night, car show, street dance, live music from JT and the Gunslingers, parade…and of course, fireworks. Personally, we think it is the best three-day party in Minnesota.

Four our twenty-seventh episode of the That's Rich(field) Podcast we sit down with Red, White and Blue Days chairperson Heather Lenke to discuss the new events added to the three-day itinerary and some of the old favorites.

Episode XXVIII - Remembering Jonathan O’Shaughnessy      

A little over two years ago, Richfield experienced one of its darkest days. As Jonathan O’Shaughnessy was walking home from the Red, White and Blue Days street dance he was shot and killed. To this day, the perpetrator of this heinous act has not been brought to justice. As a city, we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate Jonathan’s life in an episode of the podcast.

For the twenty-eighth episode of the That’s Rich(field) Podcast, we sit down with Jonathan’s mother and father to discuss their son’s life, how the Richfield community has supported them in the aftermath of his death, and the nonprofit organization they founded to keep his memory alive.

That's Rich(field) Podcast (Episode XXIX) - ADA Month in Richfield

In 1990, the federal government passed the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibited discrimination based on disability. The act also required that employers provide reasonable accommodations and imposed accessibility requirements.  

For the twenty-ninth episode of the That's Rich(field) Podcast we sit down with Richfield disability advocate Judy Moe to discuss what improvement the city is making in terms of accessibility. 


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