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The RF64 development site is located directly to the west of Target and Home Depot. NHH Properties and The Simmons Group plan to construct two 4-story apartment buildings along Richfield Parkway and 18 townhome buildings (of 4 units each) along 16th Avenue, between 63rd Street and 65th Street. The project includes a total of 218 apartment units and 72 for-sale townhome units. The City Council approved the proposal on September 25, 2018. Demolition has begun and construction is expected to begin in late spring 2019. Approved Plans

Cedar Point Housing DevelopmentRichfield Parkway renderingUpdated Townhome designCedar Point II site plan



Land use applications were submitted to the City in June 2018. A public hearing was held at the Planning Commission meeting on August 27, and the City Council unanimously approved the proposal on September 25, 2018.

Site Background:

This site was designated as a redevelopment area in 2004 as part of the larger Cedar Avenue Corridor airport noise redevelopment project area. These two city blocks are guided for high-density housing to provide a transition between the retail development and airport to the east, and the neighborhood to the west. In 2014, the City removed 14 houses along 17th Avenue for the construction of Richfield Parkway.

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