Lyndale Gateway Plan

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In the mid-1990s an interest in creating a plan to reshape the Lyndale Avenue gateway which begins at 77th Street and extends north to about 74th Street.  The plan that was assembled contained the Planning Commission's recommendations to the Richfield City Council and HRA to establish a mixed-use development in the Lyndale Avenue corridor area.  It sought to replace a series of deteriorating one-story buildings with multi-story mixed-use buildings that woudl truly serve as a gateway entrance into the community.

In 2003, the first phase of the Lyndale Gateway redevelopment went into the ground, located on both sides of Lyndale Avenue from 77th Street north to 76th Street.  The development transformed a tired commercial corridor into a new mixed-use environment that offers housing for both the general population and seniors as well as a variety of restaurants and other commercial uses.

Lyndale Avenue Before

West Side Lyndale Before

Est Side Lyndale Before










Lyndale Avenue After

Kensington Park Starbucks    Kensignton Park TH

 Kensignton Park

Mainstreet Village

Mainstreet Village Interior



 Mainstreet Village