Gypsy Moth Quarantine

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MDA enacts temporary quarantine for gypsy moth in portion of Richfield

Trapping and survey work find reproducing moth population

To help slow the spread of one of America’s most destructive tree pests, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) placed a gypsy moth-infested area in northwest Richfield under quarantine until summer 2017.

The quarantined area extends from the Crosstown Highway 62 on the north to West 67th Street on the south, and Washburn Avenue S. on the west to Logan Avenue S. on the east.

Earlier this year, the MDA discovered an infestation of gypsy moths in the quarantined area through its annual statewide trapping work. MDA staff then conducted a survey on foot and found numerous egg masses. This indicates an established and reproducing gypsy moth population. One egg mass can contain up to 500 gypsy moth eggs.

What does the temporary quarantine do?

  • The quarantine restricts the movement of trees and woody material, including firewood, out of the area until June 15, 2017. Trees may be pruned, but all branches and woody material must stay on the property (even if limbs are chipped, gypsy moth eggs are still viable).
  • The quarantine requires self-inspection of any equipment, household items, or vehicles that were sitting outside in the quarantined area during the summer months when gypsy moths are active and that are being moved out of the quarantined area. This includes items such as wood pallets, patio furniture, grills, and trampolines, as well as trucks, campers, and boats. Residents should look for gypsy moth egg masses which are brown, fuzzy blobs the size of a quarter. They should scrape the egg masses off the item or leave the item where it is.


Gypsy Moth Notice


For more information regarding the quarantine or gypsy moth, visit or call the MDA’s Arrest the Pest line at 1-888-545-6684.

CONTACT: Marissa Streifel, MDA Regulatory Specialist: 651-201-6096 /

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