Water Meters

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The City of Richfield reads all of their water meters electronically via a radio read system. The water meter is a E-Coder R900i by Neptune and has an integrated register that contains both the E-Coder and R900 technologies in one register that collects meter reading data. It then transmits the data for collection to the drive-by mobile unit, the mobile unit stores the data until it is downloaded into the utility billing system for processing.

The radio units run on batteries that will eventually need to be changed out. When an issue arises the City will need to gain access to your home to repair/replace the meter. Employees will leave door hangers stating why they need to get inside and request a phone call back to set up an appointment.


You can activate and read your own meter to better estimate your quarterly bill and keep tabs on your consumption. 

How To Activate & Read Your Water Meter