Organized garbage collection update

ORGANIZED GARBAGE COLLECTION UPDATE #4: Since the haulers finished delivering carts at the end of last week, city staff have been working with residents to ensure that they have the correct sizes and are signed up for the services they want. At this time, we are actively transitioning the responsibility for general customer service requests to Aspen, Republic and Waste Management. Haulers are typically completing work orders for cart swaps or service changes within a day or two. If you or someone you know still needs assistance with a garbage, recycling, yard waste or organics cart change, please contact:

Phone: 612-884-8008


Waste Management:
Phone: 952-890-1100

Our Sustainability Team is still here to help if you are having difficulty with your hauler or any other aspect of organized garbage collection implementation. You can contact them by emailing or calling 612-861-9188.

UPDATE (10/11/2021): We are almost at the finish line, Richfield! All haulers, including Waste Management, have completed its initial cart drop-off, over the weekend. Waste Management still needs to collect old carts, so if you are a Waste Management customer, please leave your old carts by the curb until they have been collected. All old carts should be collected by the end of the week. The vast majority of residents should have the correct carts according to account information from their previous hauler, but with swapping 10,000 single-family homes worth of carts, a few mistakes will be made. We want to rectify any incorrect cart sizes or remove any unnecessary carts, as soon as possible. 
Also, if it is your garbage day and you are waiting for additional carts to be picked up by your hauler, please roll your NEW carts back to your garage, or wherever you store them, after they are emptied so they are not removed by accident.

UPDATE (10/7/2021): Waste Management is bringing in more crews today, tomorrow and Saturday to catch up on its backlog of cart swaps. New carts will be delivered to all Waste Management customers by the end of the day on Saturday. Residents should leave their current carts out for pick-up and can continue using them until they are picked up. Waste Management will start picking up existing carts on Saturday and continue next week on regular collection days too. We apologize for the confusion and delay.
Waste Management will be reaching out to all of its customers directly with the following message:
“This is Waste Management with an important message about the delivery of your recycling, organics, and trash carts for the City of Richfield program. We have encountered an unexpected delay in the delivery of your carts and deeply regret that we are unable to deliver your carts on the scheduled date. We expect to deliver your new carts within the next few days. Please leave your old cart accessible and visible from the street for removal. Should you have any questions about your cart delivery please call Waste Management at 952-890-1100 or by email to”
Both Aspen and Republic are on schedule in terms of swapping out their customer's garbage, recycling and organics carts.

All residents who are still in possession of their old carts should leave them at the curb until they have been collected. 

UPDATE (10/5/2021): Waste Management is a little behind on swapping residents’ garbage, recycling and yard waste carts, but look to catch up as the day progresses. If you are an existing Waste Management customer who will be remaining with the company after the transition to organized garbage collection, your carts will not be swapped out at this time unless you requested a cart size change or added additional services. All questions regarding organized garbage collection should be made to the city’s Sustainability Team by emailing or calling 612-861-9188. 

ORIGINAL INFORMATION: Starting on Monday, October 4, and continuing through the rest of the week, garbage haulers will be switching out residents’ trash, recycling and yard waste carts. Moving forward, residents must make service change requests, such as the addition of organics or yard waste, by contacting their NEW hauler. Residents can also request different cart sizes through their hauler starting December 1. Contact information for the individual haulers includes:

If you have questions about organized garbage collection, please visit

For all other questions, comments and concerns, residents can reach our Sustainability Team by emailing or calling 612-861-9188.

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