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In Richfield, garbage haulers (listed here) currently handle recycling pick-up for their customers.

For apartment, condo and townhouse residents: Property owners are required to provide residents with the opportunity to recycle. Contact your building manager or association to find out where recycling bins are located and what type of sorting system is used at your property. Call the Sustainability Specialist at (612) 861-9188 if this service is not available.

Use this interactive map to see where trash and recycling bins are located in each city park.

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Recycle these items commonly thrown in the trash!

• Juice, milk, soup, and broth cartons
• Yogurt, pudding, and fruit cups
• Margarine, cottage cheese, and other plastic containers
• Produce and deli containers
• Dishwashing liquid bottles and detergent jugs
• Shampoo, soap, and lotion bottles
• Toothpaste, medication, and other toiletry boxes