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Wood Lake Nature Center Homeschool Program

Wood Lake Nature Center Homeschool Program

Wood Lake Nature Center provides fun and educational programs for homeschoolers grades K through 6 as well as public and private schools. Homeschool associations can contact the nature center to request a program based on the wide variety of programs we offer year round. Programs are 1.5 hours long. Cost is $3 per person ($40 minimum). Choose from any of the programs listed on our website under field trips ( Programs not on the list can be requested by speaking our professional naturalist staff as well.

All participants should arrive at the nature center dressed and prepared to be outside for the majority of the class. A naturalist will lead the group through the activity and parents are expected to stay as well as assist the group when necessary.

This program is designed for elementary aged children 5 and up. The curricula is a fun and exciting introduction to science, natural history, and cultural history. If your child is younger than five, Wood Lake offers a preschool program, Nature Adventurers, designed specifically for your child's age. Please call 612-861-9365 for more information.

Students are considered to be anyone who participates or attempts to participate in the class, regardless of age. Any siblings who are not students need to either stay quietly in the back of the room or be taken to our preschool corner so they're not a distraction to the class. Classes are typically geared for elementary aged students.

Wood Lake Nature Center strives to provide fun and educational joint-learning experiences for both parents and students. Being the children's primary educator, we expect parents to participate and assist with each class. If non-students need to be watched in a separate area, please arrange for at least 1 parent for every 4 students to be available to assist with the class in its entirety.

For more details about how Wood Lake can meet your homeschooling needs, call the nature center and speak to any of our naturalists.