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Introduction to Wood Lake Critter Walk (September - November) 
From trees to bees and everything in between, explore Wood Lake to observe and learn about nature's critters and their habitats.

Animals in Winter (December - February)
Discover the secret life of plants and animals in the winter through an adventure hike and sensory activities. 

Senses Around (March - May) 
Explore the trails using the senses of sight, touch, hearing, and smelling through a fun hike with activities.

Camouflage (Year-round):
Become a detective and investigate how animals survive using camouflage through a nature walk and introduction to a live animal.

Dinosaurs (April-October):
Participate in a dinosaur dig just like a paleontologist then assemble the fossils to discover what dinosaur it is and how it lived.

Scavenger Hunt (Year-round):
Learn about nature’s critters and their habitats through a sensory scavenger hunt. Finish the hike with an introduction to a live animal.