Green Event

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Green Event Suggestions

What's a green event?
A green event is an environmentally-friendly event that's planned with a goal of reducing waste.

A green event...

1. Reduces unnecessary waste
2. Saves money
3. Prevents landfills from filling
4. Better for the environment

How can I have a green event?
Choose to produce as little waste as possible. Wood Lake offers a green event option for $10, you can use Wood Lake's reusable plastic cups, plates, and bowls; silverware; and recycled paper napkins. Or bring your own! Below are some suggestions anyone can follow to make any party greener. Even if you choose not to follow all the suggestions, every little bit helps. Just do as much as you can!

Common Choice  Green Choice 
Invitations from a store  E-mail or homemade recycled paper invitations
Presents wrapped in wrapping paper Ask for presents wrapped in recycled or reusable gift wrap:
fun containers, cloth bags, or even clothes work great
and can even be part of the gift!
Juice boxes and single-serving snacks Juice in a pitcher or reusable container, one big bag of snacks
Paper plates, napkins, cups, and tablecloths Reusable plates and cups, cloth napkins, and Wood Lake's reusable vinyl tablecloths
Plastic utensils
Silverware or a snack that doesn't require utensils
Gifts with lots of packaging or require batteries
Ask for gifts with less packaging that don't require batteries
Balloons and streamers
Reusable decorations or Wood Lake's natural beauty
Bottles of water
Drinking fountain
Anything else? Anything that makes the least amount of waste possible