Homeschool Program

Wood Lake Nature Center provides fun and educational programs for homeschoolers grades K through 6 as well as public and private schools. Homeschool associations can contact the nature center to request a program based on the wide variety of programs we offer year round. Programs are 1.5 hours long. Cost is $5 per person ($50 minimum). Choose from any of the programs listed on our website under field trips ( For more details about how Wood Lake can meet your homeschooling needs, call 612-861-9365.

Wood Lake Nature Center strives to provide fun and educational joint-learning experiences for both parents and students. Being the children's primary educator, we expect parents to participate and assist with each class. If non-students need to be watched in a separate area, please arrange for at least 1 parent for every 4 students to be available to assist with the class in its entirety.

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