Kids Corner

Kids are important to Wood Lake Nature Center! We want you to be able to find some really cool nature information and have fun doing it! So, we've made a page just for you with scavenger hunts, websites, coloring pages, and fun things for you and your family to do when you're at the nature center!

Super Cool Web Pages!

Nature Scavenger Hunts
kid with magnify glass
Looking for a fun and simple self-guided activity to do on while walking the park trails? Enjoy one of these scavenger hunts below! Choose one or more scavenger hunts to print off at home or follow along on your smart phone.

Fall Leaf Bingo
Bird Bingo
Autumn Scavenger Hunt
Spring Sensory Scavenger Hunt
Nature Sensory Hunt 1
Nature Sensory Hunt 2
Winter Scavenger Hunt 1
Winter Scavenger Hunt 2

Good luck and please obey the following rules:

  • Stay within three feet of either side of the trail
  • Pick up any litter that you see unless it is broken glass
  • Take your time and enjoy being outdoors!
  • Leave no trace