Hiring and Honoring Veterans

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At Richfield, we understand the benefits veterans bring to the workforce. The city is proud to employ more than two dozen veterans and is always interested in adding more to our team.

Veterans contribute proven leadership, strong work ethic, focus and a team approach to the work we do.

Examples of veterans working for the city include: 

Justin March-edited                                                   

Justin March

  Military branch: U.S. Navy

  Years of service: 2001-2006

  Duty stations/commands: Basic Enlisted Submarine School, USS Key West (SSN 722)

  Richfield position/department: GIS analyst for the Public Works Department

  How did the military prepare you for government service: March worked as part 
  of the navigation team onboard the USS Key West, a submarine operating out of
  Pearl Harbor. His involvement with maps and navigation, as well as the technical
  work with GPS systems lead to his pursuit of a career in Geographic Information
  Systems (GIS). 



Nathan Brown

  Military branch: Minnesota Air National Guard

  Years of service: 2007-present

  Duty stations/commands: 148th Fighter Wing (2007-2015) and 133rd Airlift Wing

  Richfield position/department: Firefighter/EMT for the Fire Department

  How did the military prepare you for government service: The military prepared
  Brown well to become a Richfield firefighter in his civilian life. The military taught him
  rank structure and the ability to follow orders. The Minnesota Air National Guard
  showed him the importance of staying physically fit, so he could perform his job
  safely and effectively. Brown’s military experience provided him with tools to
  effectively handle unique and stressful situations, which firefighters encounter on a
  daily basis. 

Alan Voracek - website



  Name: Alan Voracek

  Military branch: United States Marine Corps

  Years of service: 1983-1993

  Duty stations/commands: Camp Lejeune (Jacksonville, NC), Camp Pendleton (San
  Diego, CA) and Okinawa, Japan. 

  Richfield position/department: Building/housing inspector

  How did the military prepare you for government service: The Marines prepared
  Voracek for government services by developing his leadership qualities throughout
  his decade of service. His time in the military also taught him how to work under
  pressure. Lastly, Voracek learned how to effectively manage difficult people during
  his time as a Marine.  

More profiles coming soon.  


Thank you to all our veterans!