On November 28, 2018, the City of Richfield started a weekly podcast dedicated to expounding on the city’s many projects and programs, as well as talking to people of interest within the community.

The podcast, which is titled That’s Rich(field), is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Check out the most-recent episodes: 

Episode XLVIII – New Firefighter Alisa Brakić
As firefighters say, they risk a lot to save a lot. Some firefighters knew from a very young age that they wanted to fight fires and save lives, others had a first career before finding their calling in the fire service. Richfield’s newest firefighters Alisa Brakic falls somewhere in the middle. She has always known that she has wanted to save lives, but it took a fateful run while in college to point her to her career as a firefighter. Since then, she has worked for the St. Cloud and Fridley Fire Departments before setting into her new role as a firefighter for the City of Richfield.

For the forty-eighth episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast we sit down with Alisa to discuss what prompted her to become a firefighter, what working 24 hours straight looks like and why more women should become firefighters.      

Episode XLIX – Wood Lake Nature Center Manager Karen Shragg

 Eighty years ago, almost all of Richfield was covered in prairie, farmland lakes and other natural wonders. Today, it is very much the epitome of the “Urban Hometown,” but it still has quite a bit of its original natural flare due to its extensive park system and the Wood Lake Nature Center. For nearly three decades, Wood Lake Center Manager Karen Shragg has shepherded the nature center to new heights and met the needs of a changing population. Now, she is about to ride off into the sunset of retirement.   
For the forty-ninth episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast we sit down with Karen to discuss how the nature center has changed, the impact the people of Richfield have had on her and some of her more unique experiences over the years.  

Episode XL – Celebrating Pride Month

Annually, Pride Month is celebrated during June to recognize the influence LGBTQ people have had around the world. Typically, parades and other celebrations are held throughout the month. However, with the ever-present specter of COVID-19, the vast majority of these large gatherings had to be canceled. We thought we would do our part to raise awareness and celebrate a great cause by inviting one of the city’s leading LGBTQ advocates to be a guest on the podcast.     

For the fiftieth episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast we sat down with community leader and Human Rights Commission member Mara Glubka to discuss the origins of Pride Month, the US Supreme Court’s recent civil rights ruling and other issues of importance to the city’s LGBTQ community.    

Episode XLI – Responding to COVID-19

Most of us have not experienced anything even close to COVID-19 in our lifetimes. Everything from how we interact with each other, to how we play, to the logistics of daily living, have all been drastically altered. We thought it was appropriate to sit down with an expert to see where we are in terms of the disease, and what the future might hold for us.

For the fifty-first episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast, we sat down with Community Health Services Administrator Jennifer Anderson to discuss the origins of COVID-19, why we needed to swiftly respond to the disease when it first appeared in Minnesota, and how different communities have been impacted.  

Episode XLII – Dr. Marc Jenkins

Some cities hand out Keys to the City like the practice is going out of style. The City of Richfield on the other hand only awards Keys to the City to individuals who have made a major impact in the community, State of Minnesota, nation, or in the case of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the world. This past June, the city council awarded Dr. Marc Jenkins with the key to the city to recognize his accomplishments in the field of immunology, recent election to the National Academy of Sciences and his work to better public education in Richfield.    

For the fifty-second episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast, we sat down with Dr. Jenkins to discuss his career accomplishments, his research team's recent creation of a COVID-19 antibody test and what it is like being elected to the National Academy of Sciences.  

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