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Polling Location Information

Click on the precinct map below to find out what precinct you live in. Polling locations are listed by precinct. 

Precinct Map

Ward Map

Combined Precinct & Ward Map

Independent School District #280 (Includes Edina Precincts)

Precinct # Ward # Location
Precinct No. 1 Ward No. 3 Mt. Calvary Education Building
6541 - 16th Avenue  
Precinct No. 2 Ward No. 2  St. Peter's Catholic Church
6720 Nicollet Avenue 
Precinct No. 3  Ward No. 1 Sheridan Hills School
6400 Sheridan Avenue 
Precinct No. 4  Ward No. 1  St. Richard's Catholic Church
7540 Penn Avenue 
Precinct No. 5 Ward No. 1  Richfield Middle School
7461 Oliver Avenue  
Precinct No. 6  Ward No. 2  Central School Building
7145 Harriet Avenue  
Precinct No. 7  Ward No. 2  Hope Presbyterian Education Facility
7132 Portland Avenue 
Precinct No. 8  Ward No. 3  STEM School
7020 - 12th Avenue 
Precinct No. 9  Ward No. 3  Centennial School
7315 Bloomington Avenue 

Polling locations are open on Election Day for voting from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.