Richfield's Legal Kiosk Project

Richfield’s Legal Kiosk Project

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Richfield is excited to announce they have partnered with the Minnesota Legal Service Coalition, a provider of justice to low-income people throughout Minnesota, to help bridge the digital divide members of our community face. As a result of the pandemic, many legal services and hearings have been moved to online formats. Court hearings can now be held over Zoom, and paperwork must be scanned and emailed, putting people who do not have access to technology at a disadvantage.

What is a Legal Kiosk?
Legal kiosks are computers located across the state of Minnesota. They provide access to legal aid services to individuals without access to wifi or technology. With a Legal Kiosk, community members can apply for civil legal aid services, access legal resources, print documents and, in some cases, attend online meetings and remote court hearings in privacy.

Who can use the Legal Kiosk?
Anyone can use a legal kiosk! Community members can access information and services or contact a legal aid provider. The kiosk terminals are ADA accessible. The kiosks are currently set up in English and will soon have translations into Spanish, Hmong, and Somali. To reserve the legal kiosk in Richfield to access legal forms or attend a court hearing please email the city or call (612) 861-9725.

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Want more information?
Find more information about the Legal Kiosk Project website by visiting

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There is a network of over 270 Legal Kiosks stationed in a variety of court, agency, non-profit, and other community locations statewide. Find a legal kiosk near you at