NOVO Apartments

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Broadway Investors and Trident Development plan to construct a 192-unit apartment building at 2400 66th Street West, located just west of CVS at 66th & Penn. As part of the project, Russell Avenue will be extended approximately 200 feet south to connect with 66th Street; Queen Avenue would be removed between 66th Street and 65th 1/2 Street.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the proposal on November 26 and recommended approval of the project, requiring that the building height be reduced from 4 stories to 3 stories along 65th 1/2 Street and allowing the height to increase to 5 stories along 66th Street.

Demolition and site grading work are anticipated to begin in Late 2019 / Early 2020.

Staff report and approved plans (Approved December 11, 2018)

 NOVO NorthNOVO West