Bike Rack Cost Share Program

The City of Richfield is making funds available to businesses and organizations to help defray the costs of installing bike racks. The City will provide a 50/50 match, covering half the cost of purchase and installation of standard bike racks.  If a business is interested in a custom design,  installation, or  extra features, the business must cover 100% of the additional costs over the basic 50% match amount. The business or organization must be able to provide a space that can accommodate the number of racks desired.  A concrete surface is strongly preferred.  

Once you submit an application, the City will schedule a site visit with the bike rack supplier to determine if the location is feasible, prepare a cost estimate, and schedule an installation appointment.

hitch style bike rack
"Hitch" rack option 

swerve style bike rack
"Swerve" rack option

hoop style bike rack
"Hoop" rack option
(installed at Galaxy Foods, Richfield) 

To apply, please complete the form below.

Contact Nellie Jerome, Assistant Planner, with any questions: or call (612) 861-9758

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This form will be submitted to: Nellie Jerome, Assistant Planner (612) 861-9758

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