Inclusionary Housing Policy

Building Affordable Housing through an Inclusionary  Housing Policy

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Four Goals to Strengthen Richfield's Apartment Communities
Apartments and apartment residents are a valued part of the Richfield community. In 2017, the Richfield City Council adopted four goals to strengthen Richfield's apartment communities. Those goals are:

  1. Preserve and improve the quality of existing affordable housing, while discouraging displacement of our residents.
  2. Diversify the housing stock through targeted redevelopment to provide a variety of rental housing opportunities at a range of income levels.
  3. Strengthen protections for renters in order to promote housing stability.
  4. Provide support to renters and apartment owners and managers to facilitate successful apartment communities. 

Inclusionary Housing Policy
Several tools and strategies were identified to help achieve these goals. In 2018, City leaders adopted one of the tools, an Inclusionary Housing Policy (IHP), to help meet the goal of increasing housing choices in the community. The IHP requires that all new housing development include more modest rents or make a financial contribution to the City’s Housing & Redevelopment Fund (HRF). Inclusionary Housing Policy

Policy makers will discuss the Inclusionary Affordable Housing Policy at a work session on Tuesday, February 16 at 5:30 p.m. Visit the Housing and Redevelopment Authority Agenda page for instructions to view the live stream. 

Learn more about the Policy and affordable housing needs by watching this Moment with the Mayor:

On September 21, 2020 City leaders reviewed the existing Inclusionary Housing Policy at a work session on September 21, 2020. They discussed topics, such as,
  • How do we encourage projects with units affordable to people with very low incomes? (e.g., a person earning minimum wage)
  • How do we encourage developers to build larger affordable units?
  • At what point does the cost of the requirements make new housing construction financially impossible?
Click here to view the work session
Read more about possible policy changes and ways to provide feedback here, (o en español).