Kids @ Home

Kids @ Home is a 48-month rent assistance program. Families must fit the criteria to enter the program and maintain these criteria to continue to receive rental assistance under the program. 

Richifeld HRA’s Kids @ Home Program will open in September 2023. Please check this website after August 15, 2023 for the specific dates.

EN ESPANOL: Kids @ Home Guidelines in Spanish
Criteria for families

  • Must currently be housed in unsubsidized rental housing in Richfield (no shared housing)
  • Have a child or children in Richfield schools (K – 12)
  • Child or children need to be enrolled and attend a Richfield school
  • One parent (or adult in family) is employed for a minimum of 30 hours a week (pay checks stubs for 2 months of work needed to provided verification of this income)
  • Not receiving any other housing assistance
  • Annual income must fall at or below income guideline
  • Rental payments must be current or no more than one month’s total rent owed to landlord
  • Families must attend 10 Parent Share meetings a year (Parent Share meetings are held Thursday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Richfield Municipal Center located at 6700 Portland in Richfield. Families will be assigned to Group A or Group B (Group A meets the 2nd Thursday every month and Group B meets the third Thursday of each month).

Maximum Income Limits (effective 04/1/2022)

60% of Area Median Income
Persons Income Limit
2 $56,400
3 $63,400
4 $70,400
5 $76,100
6 $81,700

Priority Income limits (effective 04/1/2022)

50 percent of area median income
Persons Income limit
2 $46,950
3 $52,800
4 $58,650
5 $63,350
6 $68,050

Occupancy standards – Family size determines the occupancy size (bedroom size for your family) and the bedroom size determines your rent assistance.
You may live in a unit that is larger than the occupancy size determined by Richfield HRA, rent assistance, in that case, will be determined by actual family size.
If your family lives in a unit smaller than the occupancy standard, the assistance determined by Richfield HRA is the bedroom size of the unit.

Number of persons Bedroom size
2 - 4 2
5 -7 3
8 - 10 4/5

Rent Assistance (effective 9/1/2022)

Families receive rent assistance based on the following flat payment. Each year rent assistance decreases, families responsibility will increase.

Bedroom size  Year 1 Year 2   Year 3 Year 4
One $500 $450 $400 $350
Two $650 $550 $500 $450
Three $750 $700 $650 $550
Four/Five $850 $800 $750 $700