Rental License & Inspections


The purpose of the rental license requirements is to assure that all rental housing in the city is decent, safe and sanitary, as well as operated and maintained to provide quality housing in the community.

Richfield City Code Section 407 requires that all residential rental property be licensed and inspected.  To obtain a rental license:

  1. Submit an application to the city for a license;
  2. Schedule an inspection, in which a city inspector will conduct an inspection of the interior, exterior and common areas of the property.  Appointments for inspections are made with the owners/managers in advance, to provide reasonable notice;
  3. If a violation exists at the time of the inspection, a report will be given to the owner/manager, indicating the areas that need to be corrected and the timeframe in which the violation should be corrected; and
  4. Renew license(s) on an annual basis. License renewals are due by December 31st. 

Richfield Rental License Re-inspection Fees
Effective January 1, 2023

Two inspections are included in your rental license fee. Inspections beyond that are charged the following fees:

Buildings with 1-2 Units Buildings with 3 or More Units
3rd inspection = $50 3rd inspection = $100
4th inspection = $100 4th inspection = $200
5th inspection = $200 5th inspection = $400
6th and more inspections = $400 6th and more inspections = $800
Up to a maximum fee of $1,500 Up to a maximum fee of $3,000

The beginning of each month a Rental Property List is posted containing a list of those who have obtained a rental license in the community.

New Owner Notice Requirement:
New owners are required to provide tenants in affordable units a 3-month protection period, per Section 409. A notice must be sent to tenants within 30 days after a building transfers ownership. 

Summary of Ordinance and sample notice to tenants
Occupancy Limits for Dwellings and Apartment Units

Room Type  Room Area (in square feet)  Maximum Number of Persons
 Sleeping Room   70 or more but less than 120   1 per room
 Sleeping Room   120 or more but less than 180   2 per room 
 Sleeping Room  180 or more  3 per room
 Multiple Purpose Room(s)   At least one room 120 or more   2 per dwelling unit

Owners of rental property are also responsible to ensure that the use of their property complies with the Richfield Zoning Code (Section 507.07, Subd. 45) for the definition of "Family".

Owners of 1-3 unit buildings are responsible for payments related to the City’s residential organized collection program if charges are unpaid by the tenant, whether or not the account is in the owner’s name or the tenant’s name. If balances of $100+ are left unpaid, they will be assessed to property taxes on an annual basis. Contact Sustainability Specialist Rachel Lindholm (612-861-9188) with questions about the City’s organized collection program.

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