Cedar Avenue Corridor

Approved Plans

The vision put forth by the adopted Cedar Avenue Corridor Master Plan is:

  • To establish a renewed brand at a signature gateway to the City.
  • To extend Richfield Parkway as an important north-south connector, as a neighborhood amenity, and as a transitional element between new land uses and the existing single-family neighborhood.
  • To introduce new commercial uses that capitalize on the site's unique resources that directly serve the local community and that provide employment opportunities.
  • To increase the diversity of housing options.
  • To encourage rehabilitation and replacement of the lowest-quality housing stock.


Cedar Avenue defines the eastern boundary of Richfield, separating the City from Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Land uses in the corridor include a mix of single-family homes, apartment buildings, and freestanding commercial businesses. Since 1970, the City has envisioned and designated this area as one that would include a variety of uses including commercial, service, and multi-family housing:

In 2004, the City completed a redevelopment master plan for the Cedar Avenue Corridor. That plan called for a mixture of housing, office and retail development, and was incorporated into the City's 2007 Comprehensive Plan. Much of the area encompassed in the plan was impacted by noise generated by the airport's north/south runway. In 2007, Cedar Point Commons, which includes Target and Home Depot, opened north of 66th Street as the first phase of extensive redevelopment planned in the area. The second phase includes new apartments directly across from Home Depot and Target. Richfield Parkway will be constructed south of 66th Street as redevelopment occurs in that area. Currently, there is a housing development proposed in the area between 66th Street and 68th Street on vacant land owned by the City. 

Due to the length of time elapsed since the creation of the original Cedar Corridor Master Plan and due to the changes in the market, the City hired JLG Architects to refresh the Plan to reflect current market conditions and create a vision for future redevelopment.  

Update Timeline

1. A public open house was held on March 10, 2016 to present the updated plan concepts, including options for the future alignment of Richfield Parkway between 66th Street and 76th Street. Feedback was collected on those alternatives and the plan as a whole.  Information gathered at the open house was presented to the City Council, HRA, and Planning Commission on April 12, 2016. The City Council approved the 18th Avenue alignment for the future Richfield Parkway between 66th Street and Diagonal Boulevard on April 26, 2016. 

Cedar Corridor Master Plan - Existing Conditions and Proposed Richfield Parkway Alignment Options 1-4

2. A second public open house was held on June 1, 2016 to gather feedback on the types of land uses that are desired in the area, as well as possible building design regulations such as height, setbacks, and architecture.

3. On September 27, 2016 the City Council approved the Cedar Avenue Corridor Master Plan Update and adopted a resolution to amend the Comprehensive Plan accordingly. The Comprehensive Plan amendment was approved by the Metropolitan Council in January 2017. Following approval by the Metropolitan Council, the City Council approved an amendment to the City's Zoning Ordinance, bringing zoning district designations into alignment with the Master Plan Update.


What is the timing for implementation of the plan?
Redevelopment and the construction of a portion of Richfield Parkway between 66th Street and 68th Street will occur in 2017-2018.  Inland Development Partners has submitted a proposal (The Chamberlain) for the development of approximately 295 multi-family units in this area, to begin construction late this year or early next year. Everything south of 68th Street, including construction of Richfield Parkway south of 68th Street, will occur in the future, based on when and if the City receives development proposals for this area. There is no definitive time frame for construction of Richfield Parkway and/or redevelopment of the area south of 68th Street at this time.
When will my house be acquired / Will I have to move?
Property acquisitions within the Cedar Corridor redevelopment area, with the exception of the Chamberlain proposal, will not happen until redevelopment proposals are proposed in the area. At that time, the developer submitting a proposal would contact the property owners within the proposed development area to negotiate purchase of their property. These would be voluntary sales between the developer and the property owner, and would not involve the City. A possible exception would be if the City Council decides to construct Richfield Parkway beyond 68th Street to the south prior to receiving any new development proposals. In that event, the City would acquire properties needed for the construction of the Parkway.
If a developer wants to acquire my property, how do I know I will get full-value for it?
Negotiations between the developer and the property owner are market negotiations. Property owners have the right to negotiate a purchase price that is acceptable to them or choose not to sell their property at all.
What if the City wants to acquire my property?
If the City needs to acquire your property for construction of Richfield Parkway, the City will pay the fair-market value, based on an appraisal of the property, as well as relocation benefits and moving expenses, as required by Federal law.
Do I have to sell my property?
You do not have to sell your property to a developer interested in purchasing your property for redevelopment. You may be required to sell your property to the City if it is needed for the construction of Richfield Parkway down 18th Avenue.
Should I do maintenance and/or make improvements to my property?
Given that there is no specific time frame for redevelopment of the area, it is at the property owner's discretion as to whether or not to make improvements and to what degree.  However, it is recommended that at a minimum, you maintain your property in a safe, livable manner.
How can I be involved in and stay informed about the future planning of Cedar Corridor redevelopment area?
Check this web page periodically for updates and share your thoughts and concerns with City staff, the City Council, and HRA members.

If you have additional questions or would like to share your thoughts, please contact Melissa Poehlman, City Planner, at mpoehlman@richfieldmn.gov or 612-861-9766.