East 66th Street Revitalization


(This page refers to a revitalization plan for East 66th Street between Portland Ave and Cedar Ave)


In 2011, the City of Richfield contracted with the planning firm Damon Farber Associates to develop a revitalization plan for the 66th Street Corridor. Please click the following link to view the plan 66th Street Corridor Revitalization Plan [PDF].

The planning process involved considerable input from the property owners, businesses, residents, and other stakeholders through a variety of public meetings and opportunities to provide input and make comments.

The first of these opportunities was a Walking Tour of the corridor held on Thursday, August 12, 2010. Representatives from the business community, property owners, and residents attended the tour and provided valuable comments regarding the strengths and challenges of the corridor, as well as wants and desires for the future of the corridor.

September Planning Workshop

The 66th Street Corridor Planning Workshop was held on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at Mt. Calvary Lutheran School, 6541 16th Avenue South, Richfield

The workshop provided a hands-on opportunity for residents, business owners, property owners and other stakeholders to help shape the vision for the future of the 66th Street Corridor between Cedar Avenue and Portland Avenue.

Workshop Summary:

November Planning Work Shop

The third public meeting was held November 30, 2010 at the Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church School to present preliminary land use plans and opportunity sites concepts. It was attended by 40 residents, business owners, advisors, stakeholders, and staff.

The meeting started with a brief recap of the visioning session, and moved into the land use alternatives and the design concepts for the four different locations along 66th Street. After the introduction and explanation of the different concepts, the attendees were asked to place green, yellow, and red dots on the concepts. Attendees were also encouraged to leave comments on the boards in response to what we had proposed.

Workshop Summary:

January 2011 Open House

The fourth and final public open house for the 66th Street Planning was held on January 31, 2011 at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church School. The preferred concept plan was presented for review and comment.

Workshop Summary:

The 66th Street Corridor Revitalization Plan was completed in June. Please click the following link to view the Plan:


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