Portland and 66th Sub-area Study

Portland & 66th Sub-Area Study

The 2040 Richfield Comprehensive Plan recognizes Veterans Memorial Park as one of the City’s premier destinations and envisions ways to strengthen development in the area.  The Comprehensive Plan guides land in the vicinity of the Park for a mix of uses, including medium to high-density residential and community commercial.  The Plan does not provide guidance about how private redevelopment in the area will interact with Veterans Park.

To help ensure that private investments work in harmony with major public amenities and upcoming investments (D-Line Bus Rapid Transit), the City commissioned a study to determine the appropriate land use controls for the area (in the map shown below).  This study was led by the consultant group HKGi from January to June of 2021, and involved community engagement with neighbors and stakeholders.

Early on in the project, a study website was set up and a survey was posted to gather feedback. A postcard mailing was also sent out to property owners near the park, to inform them about the study and how to provide feedback. Through the early Spring, the project team met with American Legion representatives and other neighboring stakeholders to discuss their aspiration for development and to share study findings. In April, City Staff and the Consultant Team met with the City Council and representatives from the Planning Commission and Community Services Commission to discuss preliminary work and public outreach activities related to the study.  A second public engagement survey was launched later in the project, in May of 2021, to confirm the study’s design principles and draft findings.

Based on the 6-month study done by HKGi, and the feedback from stakeholders and community members, the City adopted an overlay zoning district in June of 2021. The Council approved the Portland Avenue and 66th Street Study and adopted the ordinance creating the Portland Avenue and 66th Street Overlay Zoning District. Together, the study and Overlay District will guide future development and ensure that private and public investments in the area work together for mutual benefit.

map study area picture