Voicing Your Concern About Airport Noise

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To file a complaint with the MAC visit https://customers.macenvironment.org.


Make your voice heard and share with City and State officials your concern about airport noise in Richfield.


Richfield representative and Ward Three City Council member Maria Regan Gonzales mgonzales@richfieldmn.gov 

Richfield representative and Assistant City Manager Pam Dmytrenko (612) 861-9708 or pdmytrenko@richfieldmn.gov

MAC District 4 Commissioner Lisa Peilen 952-920-9441 or peill@aol.com

MN House Rep. Jean Wagenius (63B) 651-296-4200 or rep.jean.wagenius@house.mn

MN House Rep. Linda Slocum (50A) 651-296-7158 or rep.linda.slocum@house.mn

MN Senator Patricia Torres Ray (63) 651-296-4274 or sen.patricia.torres.ray@senate.mn

MN Senator Melissa Halvorson Wiklund (50) 651-297-8061 or sen.melissa.wiklund@senate.mn