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Richfield Fire Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a recreational fire in my yard?  Do I need a permit?

Yes.  You can have a recreational fire in your yard without obtaining a permit.  However, there are some rules:

*Burn time is from 3pm until 11pm (no exceptions).

*Fires must not be more than three feet in diameter or two feet in height.

*Fires must be contained in a fire pit or enclosure that is constructed from brick, masonry, metal or other noncombustible material.

*NO RUBBISH MAY BE BURNED.  No trash, yard debris, construction debris, plastic or treated, painted, varnished or otherwise coated materials may be burned.

*Fire must be at least 25’ from any structure.

*At least one person 18 years of age or older must constantly attend the fire until such fire is extinguished.

The attending person shall have a garden hose connected to a water supply or other fire extinguishing equipment, readily available for use.

*For more information, here is the Richfield Brochure for Recreational Fires.

Can I schedule a tour of the Fire Stations?

Yes.  The public is always welcome to schedule a tour.  Just call 612.243-4500.  Please keep in mind that since RFD is an active department, the Firefighters may need to leave or delay the scheduled tour if an emergency arises.

Do you have fire poles in the stations?

Station 1 at the Richfield Municipal Center does have two sliding poles.  The poles allow the Firefighters upstairs to descend to the apparatus floor much faster than traditional stairs.  Station 2 does not have poles because it is a one-story station.

Station Poles

Do you keep Dalmatian dogs at the fire house?

No.  Dalmatians are not considered social dogs.  In fact, that is the very reason Dalmatians are associated with the fire service in the first place.  At the turn of the Twentieth Century, fire wagons with a steam-powered pump were pulled by horses to get around town.  The horses would sometimes get spooked by stray dogs wandering the neighborhood.  The Dalmatians would run ahead of the horses and scare off the other dogs, clearing the way for the horse-drawn fire wagons.

What are the requirements to work for Richfield Fire?  Are you hiring now?

Richfield Fire Department periodically holds a testing process to create an Eligibility List for new Firefighters. When there's an opening within the department, the list is used to fill it. We recently concluded a hiring process in the fall of 2017. The next hiring process will tentatively be scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019. The minimum requirements to apply for RFD are Minnesota Firefighter I & II, HazMat Operations and EMT.  Richfield Fire Department reserves the right to change the minimum qualifications for any future testing process.  

I see or hear the RFD trucks going on lots of calls.  Are there that many fires in Richfield?

No.  The majority of RFD calls are medical emergencies.  The full-time RFD staff is positioned to respond to these emergencies and provide life-saving medical care before the ambulance arrives.  RFD also responds to car accidents, hazardous materials emergencies, ice rescues, carbon monoxide alarms, natural gas leaks and, of course, fires and fire alarms.

What can I do to help the Richfield (or any) Fire Department?

*Make sure your house has large visible address numbers.

*Keep the fire hydrants near your home clear of snow in the winter.

*Devise a family fire escape plan including a meeting place.  More info here.

*Regularly test your smoke detectors and change the batteries twice a year.

*Install a carbon monoxide detector and regularly check the batteries.

*Get to know your neighbors so that you can help each other if an emergency arises.

*If you have senior family members, arrange for a neighbor to have keys for the door or purchase an exterior lock box and have the code kept on file with the Richfield Public Safety Dispatch Center.  This will prevent the RFD from having to break a door or window to gain access to a family member that has fallen and cannot reach the door.


Do you install car seats at the fire station?

No, unfortunately we are unable to install car seats on an individual basis. However, Children's Minnesota offers a monthly car seat checkup that is hosted at Fire Station #1 on the second Saturday of each month from 9am to noon. To schedule an appointment during this time, please contact Esther at 651-796-8142 or cpsassociates.delacruz@gmail.com. For more information on dates and requirements please download the Children's Minnesota Car Seat Checkup flyer (pdf).

if you have any questions about any of these items, please call Richfield Fire at 612.243-4500.