Current & Past Season List of Vendors

Come Support Our Local Farmers And Producers At The Farmers Markets This Season!  

photo of fresh carrots and onions  photo of jars of honey

Summer 2021 Vendors:

Atacama Catering

Auntie Rae Rae's Bakery

Becky's Bakery

Bee's Fresh Vegetables

Brand Farms


Charles Xiong

Daddy Sam's All Natural Sawces

Deedee's Foods

The Donut Trap by: Sssdude-Nutz

Early Boots Farm

Eichten's Cheeses, Gifts, & Specialty Foods

The Farm of Minnesota

Feed-Me Farms

Flying Leap Farm

Gray Schmidt LLC

Groveland Confections

Healthy Greens

Kiatoukaysy Family Farm

Loop Provisions

Lor Produce

Minnesota Food Forest

Paper Airplane Designs

Peter's Pumpkins & Carmen's Corn

Que Rico Naturals

Quebracho Empanadas

Scott's Bees & Honey

The Smiling Olive

Soul to Soul (Southern) BBQ

Talking Loon Foods

Three Mad Poppers

Tibetan Momo

Voodoo Blends by JAK

Xia's Fresh Cut Flowers

Winter 2020-21 Vendors:
Atacama Catering
Auntie Rae Rae's Bakery
B'beri Desserts
Becky's Bakery
The Donut Trap by:Sss-dude Nutz
Harmony Cricket Farm
Inspired by Adventuree
Minnesota Food Forest
Murphy's Grove
Natasha's Pierogi
New Frontier Farms
Que Rico Naturals
R&R Cultivation
Scott's Bees & Honey
The Smiling Olive
Southern Soul Barbeque
Standout Proud!
Three Mad Poppers
Voodoo Blends by JAK

2020 Richfield Farmers Market Vendors:

Home-Grown Produce

Bee’s Fresh Vegetables, Hastings, MN: “Homegrown vegetables."

Brand Farms, Farmington, MN: “We are a small family dairy farm. Aaron branched out from the dairy cows and started raising chickens and planted an apple orchard."

The Farm of Minnesota, Hutchinson, MN. "We are a certified organic farm growing fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms."

Feed-Me Farms, Hopkins/Minnetonka, MN.

Gray Schmidt LLC, Winsted, MN. (early season only): "We grow Tomato and Pepper plants, herbs, flower and many other vegetable starts. We also make homemade Hot Pepper Jam from the vegetables we grow. We will also offer Pure Maple Syrup."

Healthy Greens, Farmington, MN, preorder through Richfield FM store: “We are a chemical free produce provider who enjoys what we do to promote healthy eating.”

J & J Produce, Millville, MN: “We have been at the market for as long as it’s been going. Our family’s been in the business for 40+ years.”

Kiatoukaysy Farm, Rush City, MN

Kinney Mini Farms, preorder through Richfield FM store

Lor Family Farm, David Lor, Roseville, MN.

Minnesota Food Forest - preorder through Richfield FM store or 

Peter's Pumpkins & Carmen's Corn, Shakopee, MN,  preorder through Richfield FM store: "Our family farm grows a large variety of fruit and vegetables which includes a big selection of heirloom varieties without chemicals or herbicides. We weed and harvest by hand and guarantee the freshness and highest quality of apples, berries, melons, vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet corn, onions, herbs, pumpkins, and more. Our Fall activities include U-Pick pumpkins from the field, free hayrides, and a corn maze."

R&R Cultivation, preorder through Richfield FM store or 

Xia’s Fresh Cut Flowers, Rosemount, MN: “We are a family owned farm that has been in the fresh vegetable & fresh flowers industry in Minnesota for 30 years.”

Charles Xiong, Hastings, MN: "I've been a farmer for over 30 years in the Twin Cities and everything is planted, raised, and harvested by hand. The garden used to be a summer business my children have helped me with however, they have all grown up and moved on. It is now only my wife and I who do most of the work and we will occasionally have our children and grandchildren help us sell at the market as we are busy harvesting. This may be our last year as we are looking to retire however we have been saying that for the past 5 years and continue to garden."

Meat and Dairy Products

Eichten's Hidden Acres, Center City, MN: "For Three Generations, Eichtens has been producing Artisan Cheeses in Center City, MN. Since 1976. Eichtens Natural Cheeses made from Cow's Milk, European Cultures and Vegetable Rennet. They add no coloring, artificial flavors, preservatives or GMO Rennet (Milk contains no growth hormones, antibiotics or rBGH). Eichtens Goudas and Tilsit are hand-made in an open vat which is identical to the way cheese is made on the farms in Holland and throughout Europe. We age our cheese in our aging rooms which are kept at a precise temperature and the cheese is moved and turned daily for correct breathing and again. We age our cheese 60 days or longer - the longer the aging period, the stronger the flavors. "

Early Boots Farm LLC, Sauk Centre, MN. last Saturdays of the month: "Here at Early Boots Farm we're all about perennials. Our innovative farming practices leverage perennial pastures, agroforestry, and oak savanna restoration to protect water quality, create wildlife habitat, and provide our animals a rich, resilient life. We've been producing quality 100% grass-fed beef since 2012 from our herd of Lowline Angus cattle, a small-framed bovine celebrated for its impressive performance on pasture. Over the last few years we have added grass-fed lamb and honeyberries and sour cherries. When we're lucky to find them we also forage delicious, gourmet wild mushrooms on and near the farm."
-partial season vendor, dates attending: 6-29, 7-27, 8-24, 10-5

Flying Leap Farm, Taylors Falls, MN. Preorder through Richfield FM store, or:  "Flying Leap Farm offers humanely-raised meat, including pork and poultry. Our pigs are heritage breeds rotationally grazed through our woods, pastures, and orchard. Our chickens and ducks free range on the farm. We started our farm because is was difficult to find local humanely raised meat for our own consumption and we realized that many certification systems for humanely raised products are misleading and ineffective. So we took a flying leap and bought the farm!

We feed our animals a no-soy transitional organic feed and follow organic practices. We don’t need to supplement with synthetic hormones or antibiotics since our animals are raised outside and are moved to different pastures frequently keeping them healthy and happy."

photo of wedges of white cheese

Specialty Items

Atacama Catering, Zimmerman, MN.: "Catering company dedicated to South American food. Different flavors and recipes."Autumn Harvest Ojibwe Wild Rice - July 11th and other select dates

Auntie Rae Rae’s Bakery - select dates starting July 25thThe Bakerz Dozen - select dates, preorder at Becky's Bakery, Richfield, MN: Baked goods including cupcakes, specialty cupcakes, and cookies. select dates, pre-orders through Facebook 

Breadsmith of the Twin Cities, Minnetonka, MN: “Breadsmith uses the highest quality ingredients to create hand-crafted breads made from scratch and baked fresh daily. Our French Baguette, Sourdough, Chocolate Babka, Zucchini Bread and others have given simple pleasures to our customers since 1994. We have a strong focus on taste and freshness. Because produce in its peak season tastes best, we only make certain items when they are in season. For example, we only make Lemon Blueberry Bread when blueberries are in season. Breadsmith is active in the community. We donate over 50,000 loaves of bread per year to charities."

The Donut Trap By: Sssdude-Nutz

Finca el Mar Coffee Co., preorder through Richfield FM store 

Minnesota Food Forest, Clemon Dabney, Taylors Falls, MN: “We are a small farm based out of Taylor's Falls, MN. Minnesota Food Forest produces Maple syrup, Honey, Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms, Ramps, Fiddleheads and make Fruit Leathers with our berries. We grow using no chemicals in our productions and use multi-cropping techniques." 

Scott’s Bees and Honey, Chaska, MN: "Honey producer." preorder through Richfield FM store

The Smiling Olive, Elizabeth Contreras, Chaska, MN:  “Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar naturally flavored with no sugar, color, thickeners added. Customers are able to taste the different flavors we bring to the market. Excellent for bread dipping, salad dressings, marinating meats, drinks, desserts and many more!" preorder through Richfield FM store or

Southern Soul BBQ, Minneapolis, MN, preorder through Richfield FM store

Talking Loon - preorder through

Three Mad Poppers Gourmet Popcorn, preorder through Richfield FM store or

Tibetan Momo, Edina, MN: “Tibetan Momo is another name for dumplings.
Beef Momo is made with ground beef and stuff into a dough and rolled into round shape and steamed.
Vegetarian Momo is same as above except uses vegetable filling."

photo of vender talking to customer

Voodoo Blends by JAK, preorder through Richfield FM store or "Introducing the Wonders of Essential Oils and How to Use Them Safely
Tag line: Add a drop of Sweet Orange to everything in your life.

I create aromatherapy blends for what ails you. I am a certified aromatherapist with no essential oil brand affiliation and belong to the professional membership of AIA and NAHA."
Wondering where a vendor’s farm is located? Want to know the best way to prepare a certain type of produce? Need canning advice? Then ask our vendors! 

One of the greatest attractions to coming to a market vs. a grocery store is the ability to build connections through talking directly to the farmer/food producer. So if you ever have questions about what you are buying, we encourage you to ask the vendors themselves as they are best experts at the market.  

The Richfield Farmers Markets' vendors grow what they sell. And they bring their products on a weekly basis to the market from within 85 miles of Richfield. Generally, the produce that you buy at our markets has been picked that morning or the day before. We currently allow one vendor at the Saturday market to sell wholesale produce grown outside of Minnesota in addition their own MN produce. We believe that this adds to the overall market service and accessibility.

Wondering what other produce is in season in Minnesota and at our market? Check out: 

MN Grown's In Season Produce Chart