How it started

Honoring All Veterans Memorial Concept

In 2005, Richfield Artist Travis Gorshe brought sketches to the Richfield Arts Commission of a vision he had for a veterans memorial in Richfield.  He envisioned a memorial built around a bronze sculpture of 50-year Richfield resident and Iwo Jima flag raiser Charles Lindberg.  Around him would be six columns, representing the six branches of the military, and glass lenses that would reflect sunlight onto the memorial.  On the outside would be granite tablets that would bear the names of US Veterans whose names would be placed there by donors to the project.  

His designs were brought to Richfield Recreation Director Jim Topitzhofer, who assembled a group of people from the community and formed a non-profit group, Honoring All Veterans Memorial, Inc.  In 2007, ground was broken with Charles Lindberg in attendance.

On Memorial Day of 2013, the completed Honoring All Veterans Memorial was unveiled and dedicated, with 1,200 people and several news crews in attendance.  Names would continue to be sold indefinitely as the main funding mechanism for the memorial.