Park Dedication Policy

Richfield Park Dedication Policy

In 2008, the Community Services Commission adopted a policy that provides guidelines for placing dedications to individuals in Richfield's parks.  They determined that no facilities would be renamed in a person's honor and, if a plaque is to be installed as a tribute to a person, the Community Services Commission will consider it through an application process. Facility Dedication Application (submit to the Richfield Community Center, 7000 Nicollet Ave, Rfld, MN 55423).

The policy, as approved by the CSC, reads as follows:

Richfield Recreation Facility and Amenity Dedication Policy

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for dedicating recreational facilities and amenities including athletic fields, park buildings, and other recreational structures located in the City of Richfield in honor of an individual or organization. The City of Richfield does not accept requests to permanently rename a park, recreational facility or amenity in honor of an individual or organization, but as an alternative offers the following guidelines to dedicate such facilities to the memory of an individual or organization by granting the installation of a dedication plaque onsite of such facilities.

Nomination Criteria: Nominations for dedicating City of Richfield facilities or amenities in the memory of an individual or organization shall be based on one or more of the following criteria:

1. In honor of organizations or individuals (living or deceased) who have made a significant contribution, financial or otherwise, to the City of Richfield or who have played a leading role in advancing the City of Richfield as a good place to live, work or recreate..
2. In honor of a person, place or event that played a significant role in the history of the City of Richfield.

The individual or organization for which the dedication is sought shall be deemed to be of good general character and should not be associated with unlawful or unseemly activities.

Dedication Guidelines: The dedication of City recreational facilities via this policy shall be limited to significant facilities or amenities, including but not limited to buildings, rooms in buildings, athletic fields, ponds, bridges, playgrounds, and trails. The dedication of minor amenities such as water fountains and benches are not part of this policy and will be addressed by the Recreational Services Department. Fundraising projects conducted by the Friends of Wood Lake that benefit the Wood Lake Nature Center are exempt from this policy.

The dedication of City facilities or amenities shall normally be limited to no more than two per year to maintain the stature of the facility dedication honor. Any undedicated City recreational facility may be nominated for dedication using the criteria of this policy.

The nominating person(s) shall be entirely responsible for all costs associated with the dedication including application and background check fees, recognition, and memorial plaques. The size, style, text and location of the memorial plaque shall be subject to review and approval of the Recreation Services Director and the Nominating Committee.

Application Process: The process for dedicating a recreational facility or amenity to the memory of an individual shall be:

1. The nominating person(s) shall request a City of Richfield Recreational Facility Dedication Nomination form from the Recreation Services Department office. Nominations for deceased individuals will not be accepted until after a six-month time period from the date the individual passed away.
2. A fully completed City of Richfield Recreational Facility Dedication Nomination form shall be submitted to the Recreation Services Director and the Nominating Committee along with the specified application fee.
3. The completed application will be reviewed by Nominating Committee (consisting of assigned members of the Community Services Commission) for completeness, accuracy and adherence to policy guidelines.
4. All individuals nominated shall be subject to a criminal background check.
5. If the nomination is rejected based on the above review, the nominating person designated on the application will be notified in writing.
6. Nominations that pass the above review will be forwarded to the Community Services Commission for review at their next regularly scheduled meeting.
7. Within 60 days of the Community Services Commission meeting at which the application is received, a recommendation will be made. If rejected by the Community Services Commission, the nominating person designated on the application will be notified by City staff in writing.
8. If approved, the recommendation will be forwarded to the City Council for final review and approval or denial.
9. Nominating parties will be notified in writing of the City Council’s actions within two weeks of the meeting at which action is taken.
10. The City Council shall have the authority to override this policy when they deem doing so to be in the best interest of the City.

Revocation:  Recreational facility dedications may be revoked by the Community Services Commission should information later come to light that runs counter to the substance and spirit of this policy.