Who We Serve

We aim to serve everybody!  Richfield Recreation offers a vast range of activities for all ages, interests, needs and abilities.  For a complete list of our current program offerings, browse through our seasonal recreation program guide.

To Register

Online registration is available most programs!  Otherwise, visit each division's web page for contact information:

Recreation Programs 612-861-9385  |  Wood Lake Nature Center 612-861-9365  |  Ice Arena 612-861-9350

Youth Programs

We offer dance classes, the summer playground program, tennis lessons, environmental education and summer day camps through Wood Lake Nature Center, skating lessons at the Ice Arena, and, often in cooperation with Richfield Community Education, pre-school programs and schools-out activities during school breaks.  Richfield also has a number of youth athletic associations offering a variety of activities.

Adult Programs

Some offerings include adult athletic leagues, family and adult outdoor activities at Wood Lake, and many of the programs categorized as older adult programs, most of which are open to adults of all ages.  For more adult continuing education opportunities and hobbies, visit Richfield Community Education.

Older Adult Programs

Offerings include trips, classes in computers, health, and continuing education, exercise programs, senior dining, chorus, ongoing cards, darts, games, special events, and many more

Adaptive Recreation and Inclusion Services

Richfield is part of AR&LE, a four-city cooperative that offers programs for adults with developmental disabilities, as well as inclusion services for general-population programs.  See additional information in the seasonal recreation program guide or the AR&LE seasonal brochure.

Tuition Assistance

Richfield READY Scholarships
Families in need of financial assistance for Richfield youth activities may apply for a READY scholarship which provides up to $75 per student per year. More information is available on the READY scholarship application (en espanol aqui).

Passport Discount Program
Richfield residents may be eligible to participate in the Passport program, through which they will receive a 25% or 50% discount on many program and admission fees in Richfield.  Complete the Passport application and submit to the Community Center to apply for the program.