Administrative Division

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Richfield Police Administrative Division

The administrative division includes support services, crime prevention, and the Joint Community Police Partnership (JCPP):

  • Support services personnel are responsible for police records/data, administrative and clerical support, planning and research, and conducting statistical analyses for the police division.
  • Crime prevention provides citizens with the knowledge necessary to protect their person and property from becoming victimized by crime through community education and prevention programs.
  • The JCPP is a collaborative partnership between the Richfield Police Department and Hennepin County. The program is designed to build positive relationships with police and the immigrant community in Richfield.

The administrative lieutenant also manages the department’s training programs, department policies and procedures, police explorer program, alcohol and tobacco compliance, the development of community outreach programs, and visa programs.  The administrative lieutenant serves at the department's media liaison and public information officer.  

U-Visa or T-Visa Applications

U-Visa or T-Visa applications should be mailed to: Lt. Brad Drayna, Richfield Police Department, 6700 Portland Avenue South, Richfield, MN 55423



Administrative Lieutenant

Brad Drayna