Community Service Officers

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Richfield Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers
Community Service Officers, or CSO's, are non-sworn Public Safety Officers whose authority comes from city ordinance rather than state statute.  CSO's are unarmed and respond to calls that do not require an armed Police Officer.

  • CSO's are part of the public safety structure in many communities and their duties in those communities vary greatly.  In Richfield, CSO's are the primary responders for animal control, code enforcement, and parking enforcement.  CSO's in Richfield also assist Police Officers, EMS, and Fire Fighters with traffic, crowd, and scene control at accidents, major crime scenes, and fire scenes. 
  • Richfield CSO's are the primary enforcers of city code related to outdoor environmental health issues but also assist Building Inspections and Zoning with some exterior inspections.  Animal control and Park Patrol are also large responsibilities.
  • Richfield CSO's are the primary couriers for evidence that needs to be transported from the Richfield Police Property Room to BCA or Hennepin County Crime Lab with proper chain of custody.
  • Richfield CSO's also are the main contact points for Police vehicle and radio maintenance for both squads and portable radios, Mobile Data Terminals that require service at Hennepin County Sheriff's Radio, and radar units that require calibration. 
  • Richfield CSO's are also dispatched to calls for public assistance such as children or pets locked in cars, assisting people who are locked out of their house, and in recovering and impounding lost property and bicycles.

Obviously this range of duties requires individuals who are able to adjust to change and reprioritize their daily tasks around changing priorities and being sent on calls for service from our Dispatch Center

CSO's are often law enforcement students who plan on moving into a Police Officer career and several of our CSO's have become Police Cadets (the position between CSO and Police Officer) as well as Police Officers here in Richfield as well as many other metro law enforcement agencies.

To contact a Richfield CSO, phone 612-861-9823