Report a Code Violation

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How to report a suspected code violation.

Report a Code Violation

Property Maintenance complaints will usually be inspected within five (5) business days of receiving the complaint.  Occasionally seasonal workload for inspectors may delay the inspection beyond that timeframe.  If a violation is found, a notice of violation will be issued and five days will be allowed to correct the violation.

City ordinances require us to follow a set procedure of inspection, violation notice, time for correction and re-inspection.  It may take some time for the correction to be seen by a complainant.  If a citation or a court action is required to obtain correction, the process can be considerably longer.  Complaints are followed up on in the order received unless there is an imminent hazard to life or property.

Failure to provide a specific address or near address may cause the complaint to be closed as our inspection load does not allow inspectors to circle several blocks looking for a violation.  For example, a complaint that states a property looks bad on Portland Avenue near 73rd or 77th Street may not be followed up on.  Please be as accurate and concise as possible so that we may assist you!  We enforce property maintenance issues that are addressed in the City Code and have no authority to address issues that are not laid out in City Code.

Please feel free to contact the Public Safety Environmental Health staff to make us aware of problems in your neighborhood regarding tall grass/weeds, junk cars, refuse or debris, etc.

Report a Code Violation Form

You can also contact us by phone at 612-861-9880 or by writing us at the address below.

Richfield City Hall
attn: Public Safety Environmental Health
6700 Portland Avenue
Richfield, MN  55423

Privacy Statement:  State Statute prevents your information from being shared with members of the public.  The information you provide will be handled confidentially by Public Safety staff.  It is useful for us to have contact information in case we have questions.  Thanks for responding.