Utility Rates and Billing

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The City of Richfield operates three Utilities: Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Stormwater. Fees are collected on a quarterly basis for these utilities and pay for operating costs, current and future infrastructure needs, and equipment replacement.

WATER UTILITY The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recommends that all public water suppliers in the metropolitan area serving more than 1,000 people adopt a “Conservation Rate Structure” (Minnesota Statutes, Section 103G.291 Subd. 4). The purpose of the Conservation Rate Structure is to encourage water users to reduce consumption. Below is the City of Richfield’s Water Conservation Rate Structure for 2020, how it applies to water usage and other fees related to the water utility. This rate structure applies to all residential and multi-unit properties.
Tier 1 $4.10 per 1000 gallons 0-15,000 gallons
Tier 2 $4.92 per 1000 gallons 15,001-25,000 gallons
Tier 3 $5.92 per 1000 gallons 25,001 gallons and over
Irrigation $5.92 per 1000 gallons  
  • Commercial properties, schools, and churches are billed at the Tier 1 rate for their domestic water use.
  • Irrigation accounts are billed at the Tier 3 rate.
  • The Minnesota State testing fee is $9.72 per year for each account (billed quarterly at $2.43 per billing cycle).
  • The service charge is $10.00 per quarter.
WASTEWATER UTILITY Richfield’s wastewater flows to a treatment plant in St. Paul, Minnesota owned and operated by the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services Division (MCES).
  • The wastewater rate is $5.91 per 1000 gallons in 2020.
  • Residential wastewater (sanitary sewer) is determined by the winter quarter’s water consumption.
  • There is a minimum charge of 7,000 gallons ($41.37) for sanitary sewer on all accounts.
  • The storm water rate is $20.35 per unit or one-fifth acre per quarter in 2020.
  • A single-family residence is considered one-fifth acre.
  • Rates for commercial properties are based on land acreage and will be charged accordingly.

Richfield’s streetlight utility is $5.77 per quarter in 2020.

Richfield participates in the Hennepin County Recycling program. Residents receive a quarterly credit of $2.10 on their utility bill in 2020.

If you are moving, purchasing, or selling your home please call the Richfield's Utility Billing Department to request a final reading prior to moving.  (612) 861-9164

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