Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan

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The City of Richfield's Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan was developed to meet local watershed management planning requirements of the Metropolitan Surface Water Management Act and Board of Water and Soil Resources Rules 8410. It was also developed to be in conformance with the requirements of the local Watershed District and Watershed Management Organizations, Metropolitan Council requirements, and applicable State and Federal laws. The document and its referenced literature is intended to provide a comprehensive inventory of pertinent water resource related information that affects the City and management of those resources.

Title, Table of Contents, and List of Tables and Appendices
Section 1 - Executive Summary
Section 2 - Introduction and Purpose
Section 3 - Land and Water Resources Inventory - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Section 4 - Problems and Corrective Actions
Section 5 - Establishment of Goals and Policies
Section 6 - Implementation Priorities/Implementation Program
Section 7 - Fiscal Considerations
Section 8 - Amendment Procedures
Appendix A - Water Resource Related Agreements
Appendix B - Stormwater System Modeling Information
Appendix C - FEMA Flood Insurance Stufy
Appendix D - NPDES Phase II Information
Appendix E - MnRAM Data
Appendix F - Overview of Permitting Program
Appendix G - Problem Area Summary
Appendix H - Ordinances
Appendix I - MCWD and NMCWD Rules
Appendix J - Wellhead Protection Plan
Appendix K - Phosphorus Removal and BMP Guidelines for MCWD