635816297030400000-2What Is An IdentaKey?

The IdentaKey is an affordable device designed to help parents organize vital information about family members. It is a small USB memory stick that attaches to your keychain and stores detailed physical descriptions, photographs and important medical information about family members and even pets. 

In case of an emergency or a missing family member, the IdentaKey becomes a personal database that is ready to go to work for you. You will have all the information necessary that law enforcement officers need to quickly find and bring your loved one home. Missing posters and complete profile reports can be printed in an instant. The IdentaKey is password protected with data encryption to protect your family’s personal information. Your information is NOT stored on any website or internet related service. 

Harsh Reality

The F.B.I. receives more then 850,000 missing child reports a year. The first three hours of an abduction are the most crucial. However, it takes an average of two hours for parents to pull together vital information and usable photos. The IdentaKey reduces precious hours into seconds. It’s easy to use, with no confusing set-up or software to install. Simply plug the device into a USB port, the program will start and you’ll create a password. You can then add family  member information and photos. When you’re done, unplug the IdentaKey and attach it to your key chain, purse or pocket. 

In case of an emergency, give this safety device (and password) to law enforcement. They can plug it into a police squad’s computer USB port or other computer. If necessary, missing person flyers can instantly be created.  The police can forward this information to other local, county and state agencies…even the national AMBER Alert System.

If a family member goes missing while on vacation, will you be prepared? This is a clever and affordable prevention tool. The key is to keep the information updated. The IdentaKey application can be updated as often as you choose with new information and photos of your ever changing and growing family. It is recommended to update photos and information at least annually.

The IdentaKey isn’t just for emergencies. There are multiple applications for the IdentaKey: children, vulnerable adults, seniors with dementia, or even pets. It’s a great tool for daycares.  It’s also a safe way to carry a record of your medications. It conveniently holds information for day-to-day situations.

Weekend with the Sitter

Finding a sitter you trust overnight with your child isn’t always easy.  When you do find one and head out on a trip, it is important that the person with whom you have entrusted your child has everything they need in case of an emergency.  Provide the sitter with a complete profile report so she will have contact information for doctors, friends and family in one place!

Heading Off to Camp

When your little guy or gal is going away for the week, make sure their camp counselors have all the important information about food or drug allergies, or any other serious medical conditions. It’s also important that they have all of your contact numbers in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Management

The IdentaKey is a perfect place to safely store insurance policy numbers and agent contact information. If your family needs to evacuate from your home due to a fire, tornado or other disaster, you’ll most likely have your keys with you so you’ll have a data file of all your important information. Be sure to include medical insurance information, prescriptions and dosages for all family members.

Through a large quantity purchase, the Richfield Police Crime Prevention Unit is offering IdentaKeys at a reduced rate of $20 each. Contact Jill Mecklenburg at 612-861-9845 to purchase your IdentaKey.