Neighborhood Crime Watch

Neighborhood Crime Watch Program is a cooperative effort between the Richfield Police Department and individual neighborhoods.  Neighborhood Crime Watch is a group of neighbors, most often living in a one block area, that have agreed to watch each others property and report suspicious or criminal activity to the police department.  This program has been effective in deterring crimes such as burglary, theft, vandalism and auto theft. Night to Unite is an important part of this program.

Although the police department incorporates residential patrol as part of its patrol functions, officers are not familiar with the routines of individual neighborhoods. Therefore, it is important that citizens become the eyes and ears of the police by reporting suspicious activity that is not a part of the neighborhood’s routine.

The first step in organizing a Neighborhood Crime Watch is taken by someone within a neighborhood who takes the initiative in organizing an initial meeting. The block coordinator will work with the Crime Prevention Unit in establishing a time and meeting place. The meeting will last about an hour. During this meeting, you will learn about how to prevent crime in your area and the various resources available to you.

Schedule an initial Neighborhood Crime Watch meeting for your block by calling the Richfield Police Crime Prevention Unit, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at 612-861-9845.