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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Night to Unite is back in 2022! This event is an annual tradition that helps neighbors get to know each other and builds police/community partnerships. Nearly 200 neighborhood parties register each year. Registering your party increases your chance for a visit from the police and/or fire personnel, who bring  "swag" for attendees and helps us know what residents are participating in this great event! (Registered official Neighborhood Crime Watch blocks also get priority for visits so consider organizing your block by contacting the Richfield Police Crime Prevention Unit at 612-861-9845. For more information, check out

2022 BLOCK PARTY REGISTRATION - the deadline to register is July 19, 2022

  • Registration closed.
  • If you prefer, you may mail in registration forms and barricade forms (submit to address listed on the forms):
    • 2022 NTU Registration Form
    • 2022 NTU Barricade (Cones) Request

Why Register Your Party?

  • Get on the list for Police and Fire department visits!
  • Receive cones if you wish to block off your street. Cones for this event will be delivered and picked up free of charge for residents registering and completing a barricade request form.

Helpful Tools

For further questions regarding Night to Unite, call the Police Department at 612-861-9845.