SafeCam Program

How does SafeCam work?

By registering your surveillance system with the Richfield Police Department, detectives have a list of locations where participants have camera systems that may aid in an investigation. As Richfield Police respond to criminal incidents, they may be able to use the information or footage gathered from the security cameras to assist in the apprehension and prosecution of the criminals involved. After registering your camera, you would only be contacted by the Richfield Police Department if there is a significant criminal incident in the vicinity of your security camera.


If you would like to tell us that you have a surveillance system and allow officers to contact you, please register HERE

Your personal information will remain confidential and will not be distributed except as required by law or court order. The SafeCam program is 100% voluntary and does NOT provide Richfield PD with access to  security camera systems that are privately owned by participants. You may opt out of the program at any time by calling RPD at 612-861-9845.