Police Reserves

The Richfield Police Reserves are civic-minded men and women, wishing to give back to their community, and do so by generously donating thousands of hours per year through their volunteer work.

The Richfield Police Reserve Unit was established to cooperate and assist the licensed, sworn officers of the Richfield Police Department. The Reserve Unit is an extension of the Police Department and comprised entirely of citizen volunteers who are trained to meet high standards set forth by the department.

The Reserve Unit provides three basic support functions for the police department; Communications Support, Medical/Rescue Support and Police Support.

Communications Support: The Reserves operate a Mobile Operations Center (Communication Van) during major public safety incidents (fires, major storms, special events, 4th of July celebration, etc.).

Medical/Rescue Support: The Reserves offer basic emergency aid at various community events when in attendance. For example; high school sporting events and the annual Fourth of July celebration. This training is provided to the Reserves on a yearly basis.

Police Support: The Reserves support the Police Division with environmental inspections, vacation home checks, traffic and crowd control, V.I.P. visits, vehicle and equipment maintenance and assist with department training.

Reserve Unit Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • High school graduate or G.E.D.
  • Resident of Hennepin County – exceptions are made based on certain qualifications i.e. second language skills.
  • Good driving record
  • No criminal convictions
  • Good physical health
  • Available for emergencies – Reserves must have a cell phone.
  • Attend monthly Monday meeting
  • Required training (new members are required to attend the Hennepin County Reserve Officer Training)
  • Minimum 8 hours per month commitment (includes patrol time, meetings, details and call-outs)
  • Fourth of July event participation
The Richfield Reserve Unit is always looking for good people who are willing to volunteer and support the police department. If interested, please contact Officer Nick Schipp at 612-861-9843 or e-mail: nschipp@richfieldmn.gov