Police Reform FAQ

In May 2020 the tragic, wrongful death of George Floyd prompted many individuals to carefully examine their local police departments to ensure similar misconduct did not occur within their own communities. The Richfield Police Department has since taken a number of steps to promote transparency and maintain public trust:

  • Police Chief Jay Henthorne wrote a letter to the community that condemned the police action in the George Floyd incident and cited the ways the department has been a leader in police reform;
  • Started an embedded social worker program (implemented September 2020);
  • Deployed body-worn cameras to all officers (implemented January 2021)
  • Made use of force data available to the public;
  • Posted the department's policy manual online;
  • Revised the department's use of force policy to comply with recent legislative mandates (use of chokeholds and neck restraints, prisoner securement, and duty to intercede). 

Recent events have prompted a number of questions related to the Richfield Police Department and police reform. Frequently asked questions are listed below:

How is the Richfield Police Department working to continually build trust between the community and police department?

What is the current perception of the Richfield Police Department and safety in the City of Richfield?

Are Richfield police officers trained to address their racial biases?

How is the Richfield Police Department dealing with mental health calls?

Does the Richfield Police Department have public data related to their use of force?

Do Richfield police officers wear body cameras?

What steps has the Richfield Police Department taken to reduce deadly force encounters?

What is the diversity of Richfield police officers?

Does the Richfield Police Department collect demographic data on traffic stops?

Does the Richfield Police Department examine a police officer candidate's work history?

Why hasn't the Richfield Police Department adopted the Camden, NJ Use of Force policy?

Do officers receive support or training regarding Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)?

What are the services available to victims of violent crimes?

How are Richfield police officers held accountable? What is the disciplinary process?

Has the Richfield Police Department implemented the recommendations proposed by the State of Minnesota Working Group on Police-Involved Deadly Force Encounters?

What should I do if I am pulled over?

What is the status of the Brian Quinones shooting incident?