Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers (CSO's) are non-sworn Public Safety Officers whose authority comes from City ordinance rather than state statute. CSO’s respond to calls that do not require a Police Officer. The position falls under Support Services, which is a division of Public Safety. CSO job functions are as follows:

  • Conduct inspections of private and public property in response to complaints of code violations. Issues Environmental Health and repeat violations notices, and citations.
  • Proactively enforces code violations observed in the community.
  • Respond to animal control calls regarding dog at large, barking dogs, dog bites and injured wildlife.
  • Provide transportation detail for Police including delivery of uniforms, equipment and evidentiary material.
  • Transport Police vehicles for computer and portable radio maintenance.  
  • Routine parking enforcement and traffic control.
  • Public assistance with children or pets locked in cars.
  • Recovery and impound of lost property and bicycles.

CSO's are often students going into law enforcement. A CSO position can be a stepping stone to becoming a Police Officer in Richfield or elsewhere.

CSO's can be reached at 612 861-9823.