Most Requested City Codes

These are the most requested City Codes for the City of Richfield.  They are paraphrased from the City Code book.

Care and Keeping of Animals

  • The Richfield Public Safety Department issues animal licenses and enforces animal control laws. See section 905 of the city code for laws relating to the care and keeping of animals or the Animal Control tab of the Support Services page for a summary.

Junked Or Inoperable Vehicles

  • All vehicles on any property should be currently licensed, and must be in operating condition. When a vehicle has a flat tire, missing doors, expired plates etc. it is considered to be inoperable. Inoperable vehicles may not be stored on any property for longer than 96 hours.

Recreational Vehicles

  • Recreational vehicles must be stored; in a fully enclosed structure; or in a rear or side yard (except corner lot side yards adjacent to a street), or in a front yard on an approved driveway on the side of the driveway farthest from the side property line, 12 feet from the street and may not obstruct a public sidewalk or path. 
  • All RV’s stored outdoors must; display current license and registration as required, must be registered to the resident of the property they are stored on, must be fully operable, and proof of ownership must be provided upon request.  Only one RV over the size of 7.5’ H X 7.5’ W X 22’ L may be stored outdoors on residential property. 
  • A motorized RV must be stored on an approved impervious surface if stored outdoors.  Non-motorized RV’s may be stored on an approved rock surface.   
  • RV’s may not be used as a residence.  
  • Snowmobiles, boats and all terrain vehicles must be stored on a currently licensed and operable trailer, on an approved surface, in an approved yard area and tightly covered. 
  • Canoes and Kayaks are exempt from some provisions of this section but must be currently licensed, registered to the property owner, operable, in an approved yard area, and stored in a manner to not accumulate water. 
  • Slide in pick-up campers, when removed from a vehicle, must be stored no higher than 20” off the ground with secure supports at four corners on an approved surface in an approved yard area.

Oversize Vehicles

  • Unlawful parking.  It is unlawful for any person owning, driving or in charge of a vehicle of any of the types hereinafter specified as an Oversize Vehicle to cause or permit such vehicle to be parked or to stand continuously for more than four hours on any residence property or on any public street in the city.  This prohibition applies to the following vehicles and other similar vehicles. 
  • Definition:  Oversize Vehicle: Any vehicle whose dimensions exceed twenty-two feet (22’) in length; or, seven and one half feet (7.5’) in width; or, seven and one half feet (7.5’) in height, exclusive of any additional racks or equipment.  Measurements to conform to this standard shall be taken with tires inflated to manufacturer specifications and on a flat, smooth, impervious parking surface.  The length of any Oversize Vehicle shall be measured from end to end including any hitch.

Parking in Yards

  • No person may park or place any motor vehicle in the yard area of any lot within the city, except in established driveway areas. An established drive is one which consists of concrete, asphalt, or paving blocks.

Waste Containers

  • Waste Containers: Garbage, recyclable, and yard waste containers may be stored in the side or rear of the property immediately adjacent to a principal or accessory structure or in an enclosed structure. Containers may not be stored in front of any part of the principal building on the property except on collection day. (601.25)

Garbage and Refuse Disposal

  • The tenant, owner, or occupant of a private dwelling, house, multiple residence, store, restaurant, and other types of property in the city which accumulate garbage and/or refuse on such premises shall dispose of such garbage and refuse as provided in this section. Garbage and refuse must be disposed of at least once each week and as often as once each business day if necessary to protect the public health.  
  • No person may accumulate or permit to accumulate any refuse on any property in the city which might constitute a nuisance by reason of appearance, odor, sanitation, littering of the property on which the refuse is accumulated, or an adjacent property, or a fire hazard.

Grass And Weeds (subd. 2(h))

  • Any grass or weeds over the height of six inches is prohibited and must be cut.

Garbage And Refuse

  • Richfield City ordinance prohibits the outside storage of garbage and refuse on any property in the city. The following items are examples of refuse: cans, paper, cardboard, bottles, wood (not firewood) appliances, furniture, tires, bricks, cement, etc. or any other household refuse or materials. Garbage and refuse should be disposed of once a week for residential dwelling unit properties. City ordinance requires that everyone in the city contract with a licensed refuse hauler to provide garbage collection or must provide an environmentally sound alternative, such as, self hauling to a licensed disposal facility or shared garbage service with a neighbor.

Vehicles "For Sale"

  • Vehicles "For Sale" cannot be displayed in any area other than an established driveway. They may not be placed in the street or in any private parking lot in Richfield.

House Numbers

  • All houses and commercial buildings must have house or building numbers on them that are large enough to be read from the street.


  • It is recommended that firewood be neatly stacked and elevated 8-10 inches above the ground to prevent the harboring of vermin.


Private composting is permitted if the following guidelines are met:

  • Only organic materials can be composted
  • Composting must be enclosed and the enclosure cannot exceed 100 cubic feet
  • Composting must be located in the rear yard at least three feet from any property line
  • Composting may not create a health hazard or a nuisance to adjoining properties.

Home Occupations

  • A home occupation must be conducted in a manner where activities are not noticeable from adjacent streets or residence lots and may not adversely affect the residential character of the dwelling or the neighborhood. Outside storage of products, materials or equipment connected with a home occupation is prohibited.
  • The repair of motor vehicles not registered to a resident, or to an immediate relative, of the property where the repair is made is prohibited. An immediate relative would include a son or daughter, sibling, parent, grandparent, or grandchild.

Noise Complaints

  • To report a barking dog or a noise complaint, you may contact the city by our non-emergency number which is 612 861-9898 or you may dial 911.  
  • A Public Safety Dispatcher will send out either a Community Service Officer or Police Officer depending on the priority of other waiting calls and Officer availability.