Report a Code Violation

To report street parking violations, call Dispatch, 612 861-9898 or Public Safety 612 861-9800. This area does not enforce street parking. Thank you.

Please read the following information before reporting a code violation on the link below. 

The City of Richfield has authority to enforce city code violations. A violation notice can only be issued if a CSO's (Community Service Officers) views the violation. Due to appellate court decisions and constitutional law issues, they cannot enter a backyard or look over or through a fence meant for privacy. They can view the violation from your property with your permission. 

Most violations require compliance within five to ten days. The City may abate violations such as long grass or garbage, issue repeat violation notices and/or file a formal complaint with the City Attorney for violations that that are not corrected. 

We appreciate contact information so we can reach you if we have questions. State Statute protects a complainant’s identity and is kept confidential. 

 If you have questions regarding procedure or to check the status of a complaint, email and or call 612-861-9880. Please include the address in question. 

Report a Code Violation Form