Operations: Streets, Parks, Fleet Maintenance

The Public Works Operations Divisions include:

  • Street Maintenance
  • Park Maintenance
  • Forestry Maintenance
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Operation of the Public Works Building


The Street Maintenance Division performs and maintains: pavement management, street signage, signal lights, streetlights, asphalt patching, tree trimming, ice control and snow removal and street sweeping. These are maintenance programs that are necessary to ensure the citizens of Richfield a safe and efficient traffic system


The Park Maintenance Division is responsible for 21 park areas that vary in size from one-quarter acre to 100 acres. This Division also provides support to the Park and Recreation Department for various City sponsored events.


Visit the Forestry Division webpage.


The Fleet Maintenance Division purchases and maintains City-owned equipment for The following departments:

  • Public Works
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Community Development
  • Park and Recreation

They maintain 139 motorized pieces of equipment and another 51 non-motorized pieces of equipment. Staff has a program of extending the life of older equipment by rebuilding and/or refurbishing that equipment. This work has proven over the last six years to be very successful and extremely cost effective.

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