Richfield Drives 25

It’s almost here — the 25 mph speed limit in our city. Driving slower is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our neighbors. Lower vehicle speeds reduce injuries and save lives in collisions. Slowing down together will create an even better Richfield.

Here’s the timeline:
- December 2023: Speed limit change approved by Richfield City Council
- April/May 2024: Public education campaign begins 
- May 2024: “Richfield Drives 25” lawn signs available to residents
- June 2024: New speed limit signs installed throughout the city   
- June 25, 2024: Richfield’s 25 mph speed limit in effect
- Summer/fall 2024: Ongoing research and public engagement

Get the FAQs.
Read the news release.
Read the Richfield Speed Limit Report.
Download the map.

New Speed Limits_ April 2024